Gründe warum Lightroom Presets sinnvoll für dich sind - Es ist nicht nur das Aussehen!

Reasons why Lightroom presets make sense for you - It's not just the looks!

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1. A great creative variety

Does the photo look best in black and white ? Or maybe a gaudy edit or a dreamy and soft look? With the Lightroom presets you have a great creative variety at your fingertips . This allows you to try out different edits and find out which style suits a particular photo or even an entire photo session the best .

Lightroom Preset

2. Customize your preset to suit you

Got a preset you love but find yourself needing to tweak the color or contrast slightly? Or maybe your own style has changed over time? No problem. Every preset you use in Lightroom is fully customizable with just a few mouse clicks.

3. Consistent results

When editing an entire photo session, using the same presets for the entire photoshoot gives you a more unified and consistent look than editing each photo individually, which can result in different settings and a disjointed look to your images.

It is also the highest level for photographers to be recognized for a style that reflects their personality. As a beginner, this is probably not important, but it's a good idea to start experimenting. 

4. No idea? No problem! Presets are easy to use

Learning new software can be intimidating and always takes time to fully master. It's important to continue this process , of course, but presets make it much easier to get started with Adobe Lightroom.

5. You save a lot of time with presets

If you use Lightroom presets , you can edit your photos 80-90 % with just one click . Instead of editing each photo from start to finish, you can spend your time fine-tuning.

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